Article: Elspeth Speaks About PXE At The George Bush Presidential Library & Museum

On the first day of The Three Amigos Golf Tournament, while the men were out playing golf, the ladies had other things on their minds. The day started off with breakfast on board a coach that was to take us on a special outing. As the coach drew out of the Houstonian Hotel & Spa grounds in Houston, Texas, the tour guide introduced himself and his wife. We were indeed honoured to find out that the man was Neil, the third son of Former President George Bush and Mrs Barbara Bush, together with Sharon his wife. Sharon explained that we were going to visit the George Bush Presidential Library & Museum and that they would be guiding us and talking us through the exhibits.

On arrival we were taken into a theatre where we saw videos, welcoming us to the Library. The story of George Bush is a fascinating one of adventure, courage, dedication, and service. The museum exhibits reveal the unique influences and challenges, which shaped George Bush’s life and presidency. The presidential exhibits document George Bush’s exceptional leadership during times of crisis - the reunification of Germany, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the Gulf War. I found the Gulf War exhibit to be extremely emotional especially as my brother, Iain had flown as a navigator in Tornado aircraft during the conflict. Coming from an RAF background and knowing that we never really get to know what really happens to those that serve their country at times like these, I found it all too much. I thought of those who had lost members of their families and those who returned but who, like my brother, would suffer for the rest of their lives. At that point I started to leave the rest of the ladies but the photographer who was with us noticed that I was upset. It was then that Neil Bush came over to talk to me and I explained that my brother had been in the Gulf War as a result of which he was invalided out of the RAF.

After the tour we went into a private area for lunch and it was during this time that I gave a talk to the ladies on PXE. When I told them my story they were quite amazed to hear that I had been told I would be blind by the time I was 40 and that if I was to get pregnant my stomach would split open. However when I told them I had to leave my job with the Police too the room went deadly silent.

Having told them about PXE, and especially how important the work of The 3 Amigos is I was also able to tell them that, thanks to my friendship with the 3 Amigos and the very kind way I am always welcomed and greeted by Former President George Bush and Mrs Barbara Bush, and from the photographs taken with them, I have been able to get publicity for PXE which leads to articles in the press and TV appearances, not only in the United Kingdom but also in the United States. This information was greeted by loud cheers from all the ladies present.

The importance of family, friends and politics also are part of the museum’s colourful story. It was interesting to note that, not only was there an exhibit for each of the US Presidents, but also opposite there were exhibits for the British Prime Ministers, which was quite unexpected and gratifying.

The overall theme of the museum is the nobility of public service as exemplified by the lives of George and Barbara Bush.

After our tour of the museum we were shown the private living area where Former President George Bush and Barbara Bush love to stay. Then it was time to go outside for a group photograph, which was taken against the background of beautiful sculptured horses jumping over part of the Berlin Wall.

This trip was something special, which I will remember for a long time.